Triaxial Cell

Triaxial Cell

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It is made of corrosion resistant material. Special care is being given to the quality of  finish between the stainless steel plunger and the bushing. The cell cylinder is made from acrylic plastic material. Each cell has four take – off positions, drilled in the base for the following purposes:
  • Cell pressure.
  • Pore Pressure.
  • Drainage or back Pressure.

All the valves are of “ no – volume change type “. It is suitable for testing the specimens of size 38mm. dia x 76mm. long. Perspex chamber with an avnil and a loading plunger. The cell is easily split by releasing four tie rods. It is leak proof upto 10 kg/cm2. The Triaxial Cell is supplied with the following accessories.

Perspex Loading Pad

1 No.

Plain Perspex Discs

2 Nos.

Porous Stone

2 Nos

Sheath Stretcher

1 No.

Sand Former

1 No.

Rubber Sheath

1 doz.

Drainage Tube ( Short )

1 No.

Drainage Tube ( Long )

1 No.

‘O’ Ring

1 Nos.

Brass Pedestal

1 No.