Spring Testing Machine

Spring Testing Machine

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Spring Testing Machine

(Educational Universities / Colleges)
  • This Special Purpose Machine is designed to conduct Tension Test and compression Test on Spring Specimen and Calculate the 'K' Factor.
  • The Compression Plates are hardened, ground and polished with guides provide on the bottom platen to eliminates slippage of spring during testing.
Digital Model also available
  • Mechanical Version
  • Load indicated on graduated Dial scale.
  • Electrical Digital Version
  • Load indicated on microprocessors based Digital indicator.
  • Computerized Version
  • Load and elongation are displayed on computer monitor along with DATA ANALYSIS and reporting software.

Industrial Spring Testing Machine

  • The "Justy" make digital Spring Testing Machines are available in various capacities and sizes to suit the requirement of our customer.
  • The machine is designed to conduct Tension, Compression and Retractraction test on the spring. We have a long experience of supplying Spring Testing Machine to various sectors of industry starting from small springs of switch gear industry to critical heavy duty springs of locomotives and  Aeroplanes.