Shoe Flex Tester

Shoe Flex Tester

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The Shoe Flex Tester is used for determination of the ability of the full shoe to withstand the effect of flexing stresses produced on the different parts of the shoe. Although the various parts like uppers and soles of a shoe are tested separately for flexing endurance with the help of flexometer and Ross flex tester, the shoe flex tester gives results, which are more related to the actual performance of the shoe as a whole.


Related standards 

  • Flexing frequency : 200 or 140 cycles /minute


  • Maximum eccentricity : 80 mm


  • Maximum angle of flexing of shoe : 45° Number of shoes that can be tested


  • Simultaneously : One pair (two shoes)


  • Motor : ½ HP, single-phase, 230 volts, AC


  • Counter : Six digit pre-set type electronic counter.