Rotating Drum Abrasion Tester (Din)

Rotating Drum Abrasion Tester (Din)

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In applications where an elastomer is subjected to frequent rubbing or abrasive actions as part of its use, it is of prime importance to ensure that the formulation used has a fair degree of resistance to abrasion.

One of the methods for determining the abrasion resistance of elastomers is by a Rotating Drum Abrasion Tester. In this test the elastomer under test is abraded against an abrading surface mounted over a rotating drum. The abrading surface has a specified abrading power. The test specimen, which is in form of a button, is held against it under a fixed load. The abrading surface is made to rub against the test specimen by rotating the drum at a fixed speed, the test specimen being meanwhile made to move along the axis of the drum.


Related standards

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