Mit Folding Endurance Tester

Mit Folding Endurance Tester

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Folding or creasing plays a very important part in use of paper. Almost all varieties of paper are subjected to either single or repeated folds in the course of their application. Determination of folding resistance is thus of prime importance in assessing suitability of any paper for the end use.

The Globe MIT Folding Endurance Tester for paper consists of a motor, pulley set, and linkage mechanism to give the desired angular oscillation to the folding head. A set of five interchangeable folding heads is provided to the papers of various thicknesses. A spring loading clamping jaw constrained to move without rotation in a direction perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the folding head and having its clamping surface in plane of this axis holds one end of the test specimen while the other end is held in the folding head.

Relevant standard

  • ASTM D 2176 – 1997 : Test Method for Folding Endurance for Paper by MIT Tester

  • ISO 5626 – 1978 : Paper Determination of Folding Endurance

  • TAPPI T 511 OM – 1996 : Folding Endurance of Paper (MIT Tester).