Flammability Tester (Vertivcal Burning Test)

Flammability Tester (Vertivcal Burning Test)

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Flammability Tester (Vertical Burning Test)

The method for classification of plastic sheets or bar materials of 94V-0, 94V-1, or 94V-2 grade flammability is based on the determination of vertical burning characteristics of the material under test.


In this test, a test specimen is held from its top with its longitudinal axis lying in a vertical plane. A flame is applied for a specified duration of time to the lower end of the test specimen and removed. As soon as the material stops flaming the flame is applied once again for the same duration of time and removed. The time taken by the flame to extinguish, after the removal of the igniting flame and the duration of glowing after second application of flame are determined to evaluate the vertical burning characteristic of the material under test.