Drop Tester Fro Transport Packaging Material

Drop Tester Fro Transport Packaging Material

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The drop tester is used for determination of effect of dropping on transport packages. This test helps to determine the ability of the packages and packing material placed inside them for cushioning to provide protection to its contents and to measure the ability of the container to withstand rough handling.

In this test the package to be tested is placed on a frame having two swivable doors. The height of the frame is adjusted to the desired value. The doors are opened suddenly, the package is dropped on to a steel platform, and the extent of damage caused evaluated.

The GlobeDropTesterfor transport packages consists of a dropping mechanism and a heavy fabricated base plate fitted with a heavy vertical pipe for guiding the dropping mechanism.

Related Standard

  • IS7028(Part4) – 1987 : Performance Tests for Complete Filled Transport Package

  • Part4 : Vertical Impact Drop Test.