Compaction Test Apparatus

Compaction Test Apparatus

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The compaction test apparatus is used for establishing moisture density relationship and for determining optimum moisture content and maximum dry density with standard compactive effort assumed to be equivalent to that normally employed for soil compaction in the field with use of common tolling machines. The value of OMC and MDD obtained from the compaction test are used for drawing specification for compaction at site and for exercising compaction control in the field. It consists of A compaction mould made of mild steel 100mm  dia. x 127.3mm. height and 1000cc. Volume complete with collar and base plate.
Rammer 2.6kg x 310mm. controlled fall.

Optional Extras:
  • A Rammer 4.89 kg x 450mm. controlled fall for heavy compaction test according to IS: 2720 Part VIII.
  • Compaction Mould made of gun metal 150mm dia. x 127.3mm. height and 2250cc. volume complete with collar and base plate.